Alaska happens to be one of the most resource richest regions of the world. We have ZERO reasons why we have not developed our resources for ALASKA. Currently, we have allowed many of our state resources to be used to substantially benefit Seattle! Perhaps we should learn how to regulate our industry to benefit Alaska and Alaskans first. 

Did you know the University system in Alaska is a land grants university? The idea for a land grants university is to develop resources off the land which are able to sustain and grow the state university into a world class education institution. 

Did you also know that 17% of the land grants given to the University system is land in the Tongass Forest? Timber, properly managed is an incredible renewable resource. Not only does timber have a value but all developed products from this resource provides for substantial Alaskan employment and increases it's market value on the world stage.

It is past time that the university system believes it's greatest asset is the lobbyists they

send to Juneau. Our university system is the highest subsidized university system in America. We need a paradigm shift in thoughts and procedure.


I support the ongoing discussions regarding the Alaska railroad exploring links to the Canadian railroad systems. We need to diversify our transportation networks. 


 I support the concept of a permanent military base in the Arctic regions of our state. We cannot shy away from world geopolitics. Alaska is sitting on the crossroads of the world and it is essential we have the ability to protect America's interests here. 

I support the expansion of the Alaska Railroad to the Point MacKenzie area for future expansion of our exporting capabilities. 

I support aggressively exploring our geothermal resources and the possibility of creating Alaskan agriculture so we are less dependent on imported food. 

I support the Ambler mine development project along with other mining projects in the state as long as they are well engineered to protect our natural environment.