Follow the law. How can legislators pass laws for the citizens and expect them to follow those laws or suffer the consequences and they blatantly ignore existing law they legislated and there are no consequences?

The facts are we have two categories of citizens in Alaska. Those who are controlled by the law and those who are not.  

Through general fund revenues and all other revenues generated by all forms of government in Alaska such as property taxes and value added taxes on products and services, the government has controlled and spent 95% our our revenue resource with very little to show for these investments. The only reason why a majority of legislators have decided they must have the PFD resource or the "peoples money" is that they did not spend their 95% wisely, nor did they even remotely attempt to live within a budget. 

There are generally two categories of politicians but they end with the same results. 


1. The majority of Democrats want the PFD to increase investments on what they define as the "victim" classes.


2. The majority of Republicans want the PFD to increase investments in their own special interest groups.


It all comes down to selecting winners and losers instead of distributing the PFD resource evenly to all citizens.

I have taken a pledge to support a full PFD payout in statute and I am firmly in favor of passing legislation which will allow the citizens to vote whether they would like to have the PFD protected in the State Constitution or just remain in statute. Without this vote, faith in our representative institutions will continue to erode. Perhaps this is precisely what our current crop of politicians want....An electorate completely disengaged so they can whatever their heart desires. Trust me, their heart is not with you! 

It saddens me to say this but the coming PFD payout of $1,000 may well be the last PFD the citizens will ever see unless we change substantial seats this coming primary and general election.