Hammer time

Your families financial future starts now...

For way too many years we have elected representatives who have gone to Juneau with financial stars in their eyes. From 2005 to 2014 Alaska state government grew a whopping 109% to an unsustainable level. 

by 2014 it was obvious that Alaska had created a budget beyond our ability to be able to sustain. You would think from 2014 to the present our representatives would have rolled up their sleeves and went to work on identifying what was "essential" services and what was a lower priority as our main resource, oil began to take a nose dive.


Unfortunately, our representatives ignored the serious deficit spending and wasted the $14 billion dollar Constitution Budget reserve to continue funding their special interest projects without any regard for accountability or measured results.


Now we are in serious financial problems as we have spent down the entire Constitutional Budget reserve to almost nothing. And, on top of this reckless spending, we have been hit with a major collapse of the revenues derived from our oil resource, plus slowing of the oil resource output. Additionally, add the recent medical event of covid 19 which will have a devastating effect on our major tourist industry and fishing season. The private economy has taken a broadside hit. Many private businesses are devastated and will be forced to close doors permanently. 


Given these traumatic recent financial events, our current legislature increased the budget $300 million over the deficit spending of last year! Are you kidding me?

We cannot continue sending these same representatives back to Juneau and consider we are going to get anything different but creating taxing formulas on the general population which means a complete loss of the PFD program and a cornucopia of taxing schemes placed on the general population which will continue to suffer from personal financial devastation.


My opponent, Jennifer Johnston is one of the financial leaders who have brought this financial destruction to your doorstep. She is a life long politician who has never had the experience of running a private business or meeting a payroll. She does not understand that spending "government money" we do not have, leads to an obvious conclusion. We are there! She helped to kick the financial can down the road until there is no road left!

This is reality!


You have a choice. You can vote for me, who has run a successful and profitable private business for many years, and knows the value of money, or you can send Jennifer back to Juneau so she can spend your children's and grandchildren's legacy.  It is a simple choice.